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16th May 2018, 12:07 PM



Hello everyone! Exciting news:

I've opened up a patreon so you can support me and Waiting to Cross!

When you become a patron of mine you get access to some tasty Waiting to Cross content such as:

  • Early pages!
  • Character design and bio reveals!
  • Behind the scenes and a look into my process!

And more! If you've ever wanted to support this lovely free comic monetarily, now you can! (and have some delicious added perks.)

18th Feb 2018, 8:05 PM


Why are the pages late?

Welp, you've read the title. I feel like I have to explain what's been going on for the past few weeks because pages keep getting posted late and I'm losing my squeaky clean record of consistently posting every week like I used to. I'm incredibly frustrated about it because W2C is one of the only things these days that bring me any sort of personal happiness. So here's a chart of my time:

Here is my schdule as of late. Most of my time is devoured by class and my part time job And as much as I hate it, the time I'm not doing anything is dedicated to working on assignments and panicking and being stressed out with no chance of recovery. I'm a graphic design student, as some of you may be familiar with, so naturally, I take art classes. Every class is roughly 3 hours long. Mondays and Wednesdays are the absolute worst because I have my first class at 8AM and I don't come home until 7PM. Tuesdays are fine, but my Tuesday afternoons are spent panicking about Wednesday assignments that need to get done, so right after class, I'm back in stress hell. Thursdays and Fridays would be nice, BUT I have work. I don't necessarily *like* my job but I'm trying to hold on to it to pay bills, pay for website hosting, pay for school necessities, etc. I would probably have a lot more time and a lot less stress if I quit my job and only worked during school breaks, but the work experience and (let's be real here) the money, is something I need to keep going to further my other pursuits. Essentially, Every weekday outside of Tuesday and Friday, I come home at 7pm and assuming I have homework and put as much into my assignments as I spend in class (ex: 3hrs of homework for a 3hr class), then I have about 9-12 hours of homework staring back at me just from 2 days of classes. Of course it's not that perfect 1:1 ratio, because 1 of my classes doesn't have any concrete homework (so far) and the other only assigns homework on Wednesdays.

But wait, there's more. Now you may also notice that some of the classes are double shaded: these are my graphic design specific classes that have the BRILLIANT IDEA to assign TWO PROJECTS SIMULTANEOUSLY. And don't even get me started on the due dates for these classes. I don't know what's gotten into some of my professors but it seems like it's very en vogue to work your students to death these days.

I'm someone who, by default, has a very difficult time trying to relax or sleep. Even getting me to take a break in this environment is a struggle because while I'm taking a break, my mind is in ultra-overdrive about everything that I'm not doing. So to be overworked in this terrible Hell Schedule is a huge blow to my personal creative pursuits like Waiting to Cross. I can't do commissions and I can't even think about making anything for my art store, The Toaster, because those things take a lot of specific trial and error work that I don't have the time to spend on at the moment. I always feel bad about not being availble for commissions or my store or fun personal work, but there's one thing I DO want to keep working on so that I don't feel like a work robot everyday and that's Waiting to Cross.

Last semester was its own personal hell but at least I had a backlog for you guys to enjoy. Now I've completely run out of pages and I'm stuck working on them the Friday before they're set to go out, and lately they've been going out on Sunday evenings instead. Not ideal. I don't want to take a hiatus just yet. I don't want to stop posting mid-chapter. I've been considering taking a break after this chapter, but I haven't decided yet. I want to keep working on SOMETHING that makes me happy that I still have complete control over that isn't dictated by my bosses or my teachers.

I at least hope this brings a little more clarity to why my once spotless update schedule has hit a particularly nasty and rocky road.

Thank you all for reading this and also thanks for still continuing to read my silly comic after all this time. I hope you all know I love reading your comments on different pages and seeing how many of you tune in on Saturdays to see the next page. :)

18th Nov 2017, 10:56 PM




I'm back from the dead! Weaker, but still alive. School is still destroying my soul but I've changed my schedule at work starting next week so that I don't actually die during the holidays. This frees up time for me to catch up on school work, prepare for finals AND hopefully pump the update queue back up to its former glory. So my apologies for the late update tonight but it's better than nothing.

From now until an indeterminate amount of time, I will be dropping the update schedule from 2 pages a week to 1 page a week. Until I can beef up the queue and go back to being months ahead, instead of being weeks behind, updates will be a lot slower, so my apologies.

This gives you a great opportunity to invest in RSS feed readers (my personal favorite is Feedly) and adding Waiting to Cross to it so that you don't let a single page slip through the cracks.

3rd Nov 2017, 2:34 PM



School, work, and real life is absolutely destroying my mind and body at the moment, so I apologize if I’m slacking on promoting Waiting to Cross and working on it or making fanart or just making anything else for the internet’s eyes in general.

I mean, I’m ok with not being able to make as much fanart as I used to since I love pouring time into Waiting to Cross. But I haven’t been able to do EITHER of those things lately so I truly feel like I’m failing spectacularly lately. 

I’ll try my best to get the updates and notifications back on track since I don’t have any projects that ABSOLUTELY require my attention this weekend but if only one or no pages of W2C gets posted this Saturday then at least you have some idea why.

24th Sep 2017, 3:44 PM


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (& announcement)

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of me launching this silly webcomic and throwing it out there for all the internet to see! Personally I never thought I'd be able to even get myself to make a webcomic, let alone get myself to keep up a consistent update schedule every week. So far it's been a wild ride and it feels like it's only just getting started! Big thank you to all the people who have subscribed to W2C here on ComicFury and also to the people on other social media sites who've been reading it and telling me how much they enjoy the story so far. It really means a lot to me and makes me want to make this comic forever. :)

So for the past year while being preoccupied with school and work and personal life stuff; I've always wondered if I should try expanding W2C's audience by bringing it onto other platforms. Like making a mirror site to introduce more people to the series. Maybe it'd be more accessible? So now I've finally decided to go ahead and do exactly that.

SO HERE'S THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I've decided to go ahead and make a tumblr mirror site for Waiting to Cross!!! It's now live at and the first 3 pages of the series has just posted a few moments ago!!

Now don't go jumping ship yet. Just because I made a mirror, doesn't mean I'm abandoning this site. This is the original site. It's already up to date and much farther ahead in the story. It will update at the same pace that this site does (2 pages a week) but it will update on Sundays and it's starting the story from the very beginning. (I mean let's be real, this site took a full year to get to this many chapters so that's a pretty sizable buffer if you ask me)

This is going to be something very interesting for me to observe because I have no clue if mirror sites would really expand the audience or if it would go unnoticed; it's worth a try.

I hope you guys continue to enjoy this series as much as I enjoy making it! (I also hope that it gains a nice audience on tumblr as it does here in ComicFury.)