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24th Sep 2016, 8:37 PM


*sweats profusely*

wELP. THERE IT IS. My little summer project is slowly starting to come out for the internet to see. I accidentally posted the pages at different times when I meant to post them all at the same time, but my journey into webcomics has now begun. The comic site itself needs a lot more work, but I'll tackle that piece by piece. I plan to update 2 pages a week which should give me enough time to continue working on it and not get completely destroyed by my class schedule. College is hard an expensive.

I'm not sure how often I'll end up using the blog feature on this site unless something happens to the comic itself. So for those of you who like memes and immediate updates that feel like text messages, follow me on twitter. For those of you who would like to see my art and my art only, follow me on tumblr. I will post about Waiting to Cross updates on those sites as well.