About the Comic:
What's more romantic than meeting your potential soulmate on the sidewalk?
Nothing, that's what.
Like a stubborn flower that grows through the cracks of a city sidewalk, our friendly neighborhood protagonist, Nicky, grows an interest in a complete stranger who's new to town. Does love blossom between the two? Does fate prevent them from getting together? Do we ever get to have some spaghetti???
All this and more in the curbside romantic comedy, Waiting to Cross.
Updates on Saturdays.
About the Artist:
Oh you want to know about me? Well, dang ok.
I'm TechnoToast! You can call me Toast for short. I'm the sole creator of this webcomic. I write it, I "ink" it, I color it, I promote it like a loud soccer mom cheering for her kid, I do it all! Waiting to Cross is my very first attempt at making a long form comic series and I ADORE it! In the past I've been known for just making funny fanart in the form of short comic strips or pages. But one day I got the bright idea to make this silly comic and several months later, here I am making it my long term bundle of joy. Making this comic has been a fun, wild, ride from the start because it all felt so spontaneous and free. It's made me realize that I love making comics and writing stories. I just couldn't stop coming up with new ideas for it and making new stories entirely. It's like someone finally fixed the Creative Faucet in my head that was stuck and all these ideas just flow effortlessly. (well, nearly effortlessly)
Oh wait, you want to know about me specifically. I'm a self taught artist, mainly a digital illustrator. At the moment I'm currently in college to get my BFA in graphic design. Of course, I'm a college student with a part time job so my attention isn't always on Waiting to Cross or my other personal art all the time which is why W2C has to update at a near snail's pace at 2 pages a week haha. But I do what I can to keep a consistent update schedule and work hard to make it something people want to come back to.
I have a website where I talk more about my art and myself.
I have a personal twitter where I retweet good art and funny pictures and shout about things in the middle of the night.
(I also have an art "bot" on twitter that automatically posts when my blog does.)
I have an instagram where I like to post process pics of one shot projects I work on.
I also have an art blog where almost all of my art goes and announcements for Waiting to Cross get posted every week.